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Bendixen Contemporary
Soloudstilling TOUCH

Some and quite many Indian men have a unique same sex relationship: They hold hands, walk arm in arm, rest their hands on their friends thigh and are far more physically relaxed in their bodily contact. Not the least compared to physical contact between men in Northern Europe, where close physical expressions among men lasting more than a brief hug is considered taboo.In Mumbai, five pairs of male actors between the ages of 26 to 70 explore how Indian men experience warmth and openness in same sex friendships as they display close physical contact in public space.

Medvirkende skuespillere
Ajit Kumbhar and Satyendra Dave, Sandeep Gaikwad and Vijay N. Gala, Mehul H. Nandu and Miton Gada, Lakhn S. Thakur and Surinder Rajan, Aabid Surti and Dinesh Tiwari

Idé, koncept, dramatiker og instruktør Marika Seidler
videofotograf, lyddesign  og klip Marika Seidler 
Lydoptagelse Marika Seidler
Stills Marika Seidler og David Garcia
Lydmix Niels Plenge
Executive producer Amrit Gangar
Location manager Amrit Gangar
Produktionsdesign: Marika Seidler 
FinancesKuntal Gangar
Accounts Viplav Gangar
Optagelse Mumbai India
Tak til Familien Gangar og Naturalist Himanshu Prem Joshi
Producent: Seidlers SENSORIUM
Støttet af Statens Kunstfond
Permiere år 2013 Bendixen contemporary Art


Varighed: 13 min. 
Antal projektioner: 4
optaget på Panasonic dv cam


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